Preparing for a Tournament


Register for membership, take rules quiz, sign up for tournaments

Your junior golfer’s membership registration has been approved! Great news, now you will have to make sure your junior takes (and passes) the mandatory Rules of Golf quiz before being able to sign up for tournaments. Once they’ve done that you all will be set to register for events.

Tournament acceptance

After registering for tournaments you will receive a couple of e-mails: a registration acknowledgement e-mail, payment approved e-mail, and finally 5-7 days before the event, a pairings e-mail with the player’s tee time. The pairings e-mail will contain your junior’s tee time as well as a link to the Tournament Information Page, otherwise known as the TIP.  Please be sure that you have added BlueGolf to your inbox folder so that it will not be sent to your e-mail spam.

Pre-tournament information

All information regarding each event can be on the TIP found by clicking the ‘Info’ link in the schedule. Here you will be able to see all of the pertinent information to that particular event including: the tournament player’s packet and information, MAJGT policies, spectator information, and tee times with pairings.

Arriving to tournament

Whether you are dropping your player off or they are driving themselves, they must check in at the registration table. When they check in they will receive all of the necessary information about the day including their MAJGT tee gift!

Participating in tournament

DSC_1263Once your junior tees off on their first hole, we ask that you please limit any communication to positive comments and no advice. Spectators are allowed to hold any snacks, drinks, umbrellas, etc. for the player; however we do not permit spectators to walk along with players at any point during their round. Players are responsible for knowing the Rules of Golf and if they have any questions they can ask an MAJGT official or play the second ball rule (Rule 3-3).

Second round pairings

A re-pair will occur after all players have finished their rounds. Players will be paired based on their first round score, with high scores going first. Tee times will be e-mailed to the field, and posted on the MAJGT website. There will be no registration prior to the start of the second round.


An awards presentation will occur at the end of the event, DSC_0897once the divisions have finished and scores have been posted. We ask that you and your player remain near the scoreboard or at the facility if they are in contention, to ensure there are no playoffs. Sudden death playoffs are held for all players who tie for places that receive trophies. Trophies are not mailed if they are left behind.